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I would like to welcome you to my site where I will introduce you to the Italian Spinone, my dogs, the litters, and a variety of information on Spinoni and dogs in general. 

I will also share possible litters of mine and of other Spinone breeders when that information is available. Check back often as that page is updated regularly. Click on 'Spinoni' then select 'Upcoming Litters and Breeders'.

To see current or upcoming litters  click here

I am a member of SCOA, but whether a person is a member of the Spinone Club of America (SCOA) or not, does not indicate if they are a good Spinone breeder or a bad Spinone breeder. Breeders, good and bad, can be found in and out of clubs. It is important to do your research and work with a Spinoni breeder that you feel the most comfortable with, and one you feel you can have a relationship with for the life of your dog.

For your Spinone puppy research, I recommend this site:

And lastly, I chose my kennel name 'Barba Bagnata' because it translates to 'Wet Beard'.

Tribute to Guido Malanduccolo


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