On November 17th 2008, the Spinone world lost a true enthusiast of the breed and someone who had a tremendous impact on this breed in the US and Canada. Guido, through his kennel and careful selection of Spinoni for his program, not only produced a huge number of conformation champions and dogs that excel in the field, hundreds with hunting titles, he produced three Westminster Best of Breed Winners, and multiple dogs that were Best Of Opposite and Award of Merit winners at Westminster. It was critical to him that the dogs he produced were correct in conformation and structure, but more important was their drive in the field. This is evident by the success in the show ring and the field of the di Morghengo dog. I am so proud to have been allowed to have Mia di Morghengo in my life and had her as my foundation bitch.

I raise a glass of Guido's special home-made wine in his honor!

Guido Malandruccolo



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